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Membership is open to organisations with an active cultural offer.

Culture Consortium Leeds is made up of senior leaders of cultural organisations in the Leeds city region. There should be a nominated representative who attends the majority of the meetings to ensure consistency, although of course an alternative person may attend when needed. All correspondence will be sent to the lead representative.

The main consortium group meet once a month on the third Thursday of the month. Members should have the capacity to contribute to the work of the consortium through regular attendance at meetings (at least eight a year).

Members should have the ability and willingness to become involved in working groups where relevant.

Following taster meetings, all members are expected to pay the membership subscription, although we do not want fees to be a barrier to attendance.

Subscription fee

The annual membership subscription is currently £300 per year.

The membership fee covers associated administrative expenses for the group. All expenditure is approved in advance by members. Subscriptions are payable on 1 April each year.

How to join

Members can join anytime. Please express your interest by completing the form below.

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