Harewood House

Harewood sits in the heart of Yorkshire and is one of the Treasure Houses of England. Harewood was built in the 18th century and has art collections to rival the finest in Britain. Alongside the collections, visitors can explore temporary exhibitions of contemporary art and over 100 acres of exquisite gardens.

A large brick and stone manor building with numerous windows and a large garden

The Terrace at Harewood House

Harewood House Harewood, Leeds LS17 9LG

A cheerful scene of a man and a young girl walking through a maze of vibrant coloured rope

Summer Activities. Photo: Tom Arber

A family of four enjoying a view of a waterfall together

People Waterfall. Photo: Tom Arber

Children enjoying hot chocolate. Photo: Tom Arber

A picturesque waterfall flowing through a park, adorned with vibrant flowers.

Himalayan Garden. Photo: Trevor Nicholson

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