Northern Ballet

Northern Ballet creates stories that connect. We tell unexpected stories that move our audiences across the country and online. We aim to reach as many different people and places as possible with our passionate storytelling, mastery of classical dance technique and live music.

We believe in the power to change lives through dance and are committed to engaging with people from all different sectors of the community. We have an absolute commitment to our leading role as an international ambassador for world-class dance, often showcasing our exceptional home-grown artistry on the world-stage.

Dominique Larose as Daisy and Javier Torres as Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. Photo Emma Kauldhar

2 St Cecilia Street, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7PA

Northern Ballet dancers & Ability dancers in Every Little Thing is a Change. Photo Lydia Hutton

InMotion-Participant Photo: Emily Nuttall

Academy of Northern Ballet Boys Masterclass with Harris Beattie. Photo Emily Nuttall

Northern Ballet dancers in Romeo and Juliet. Photo: Tristram Kenton

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